1 de junho de 2011

Disponível na Web - Culture, HIV and AIDS

Please find below an annotated bibliography on Culture, HIV and AIDS produced by UNESCO.

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Part I: Culture and everyday life: micro and macro approaches
A. Power and everyday life
1. Gender roles and power relations 6
2. Sexual violence and exploitation 11
3. Sexuality and constructions of identity 15
4. Demographic issues and reproductive health implications 19
a. Migration 21
b. Orphans and vulnerable children 26
B. Systems of Thought
1. Communities of worship 31
2. Explanatory systems and bodily practices 34
3. Healing systems 41
Part II: The response to the epidemic: cultures of prevention and care
A. Biomedical responses, impacts and uptake 44
B. Behavioral approaches 48
C. Human rights based approaches 57
D. Prevention and education 60
E. Health Systems and Policy 65
F. Civil Society 68
G. Governance, development and political economy 72
H. Security 77
Part III: Literatura Española 80
Part IV: Littérature Française 90

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