24 de julho de 2011

Numas recomenda: IGALA 7

The 7th International Gender and Language Association Conference (IGALA 7) will be held at Universidade do Vale dos Sinos (UNISINOS), São Leopoldo, Brazil, on June 20-22, 2012.

With the theme *Resignifying Gender and Sexuality in Language and Discourse*, IGALA 7 aims to bring together scholars from diverse fields of knowledge as well as geographical regions who are interested in broadening and deepening our understanding of the complex relationships among language, gender and sexuality. In so doing, we encourage new ways of signifying these concepts and their interrelationships, in the following thematic areas:

1. Gender, sexuality, body and identities
2. Gender, sexuality and health
3. Gendered performances as discourse
4. Gender and (dis)empowerment
5. Gender, class, ethnicity and age
6. Gender, sexuality and institutions
7. Gender, media and technology
8. Gender and violence


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